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Caregiving Services

In Home Caregiving

At Rainshadow Home Services we prioritize the highest standards of care and strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of our work. Our team of dedicated caregivers is committed to providing compassionate, personalized care that meets the unique needs of each individual we serve.  In-home caregivers can assist with meal prep, light housework, toileting, incontinence assistance, showering, dressing, other hygiene maintenance, grocery shopping, medication reminders, some medical tasks if delegated by an RN,  and companionship. 

We recognize the critical role of caregivers as patient advocates. Our caregivers are trained to identify changes in the patient's condition and promptly communicate with our nursing and management staff. We collaborate with the patient, their designated power of attorney and physician to develop a customized care plan that addresses the evolving needs of the patient. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that meets the highest standards of quality and excellence.

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At Rainshadow Home Services, we know that taking care of a patient's physical and household needs is crucial. We also believe that having fun is equally important. In order to thrive at home a person needs to feel emotionally supported, listened to, have a laugh, and enjoy the company of their caregiver.  We do our best to find a great personality match between client and caregiver.  Our caregivers are passionate about caregiving and are committed to creating a loving and enriching environment for our clients. Whether you need someone to check in on your loved ones for a brief weekly wellness check, or consistent regular care to build a  rewarding relationship, Rainshadow Home Services has you covered. 

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End of Life Care

At Rainshadow Home Services, we offer compassionate and professional caregivers who can work with hospice and/or families to provide end of life care. Our caregivers can deliver assistance and support to ensure that your loved one is as comfortable as possible.  This support allows friends and family time to take a break or attend to the many logisitics that come along with the passing of a loved one.  Overnight care is avaliable, so that family can get some much needed sleep.  Consider reaching out to Rainshadow Home Services for incredible and experienced care when you need it the most.

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Our Rates

To view our current rates for the above services click the red PDF icon below.  Rates are subject to change.  Clients are given a 30 day notice of any rate changes.  

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